Anointing Alone Is Not Enough

Anointing Alone Is Not Enough

In the last couple of years, there have been extreme emphasis on the anointing that has led to many abuses. While anointing in its purest from is Scriptural and of utmost importance in the life and ministry of every Christian, yet, over-reliance on anointing alone can and has brought ruin to many people. 
This book by Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John is an attempt to bring the much needed balance to the extremes that have been propounded in the last several years. Balance is always needed in every area of our lives and leaders must be people of scriptural balance. 
Church leaders, ministers, pastors and young Christians who want to stay long in the ministry need to take heed to the contents of this book. You'll find those factors that will help, sustain and nourish your anointing till the end in it.
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