Breaking the barriers of small, middle-size and mega Churches

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Breaking the barriers of small, middle-size and mega Churches

This book, ‘Breaking The Barriers of Small, Middle-Size and Mega Churches ' is another classic from Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John. This amiable church growth addict had provided another meaty resource on the traits of the three recognizable sizes of the church. He writes:• In the small church, too much intimacy is the problem• In the middle-size church, comfortability of Pastor and people is the problem• In mega church, mixed multitudes are the problem.He contends that churches of these three sizes manifest various contrasting traits and that the earlier they are understood the better for those leading those churches.What are the characteristics of pastors of small churches?What are the positive traits of pastors of middle-size churches?What are the factors that determine the fate of large churches?These and many more issues are systematically and clinically dissected in this unputdownable book by Africa 's best selling author on church growth and healthy. You cannot afford not to read and digest this book if you truly want to lead your church to growth and health.
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