Fatherhood and Sonship

Fatherhood and Sonship
I strongly believe that Fatherhood and Sonship is at the foundation of any worthwhile life and living. It is very fundamental to the well-being of any person. At the dawn of my earthly existence, I did not enjoy the benefits of fatherhood simply because my father died when I was just 6 years old. It affected me negatively when growing up, but mighty kudos to my dear mother, who buckled up to fulfill both the role of a mother and father to me. When I became a parent, I had the problem of how to be a good father to my sons, because there was nothing in my memory bank of how my father related with me! I had to seek for books on fatherhood and also submitted myself to adopted fathers, physical and spiritual, to really grow up well. Today, I still have fathers and mentors in my life and ministry that are monitoring, counseling, advising, correcting, praying and overseeing my life! In actual fact, the fatherhood of these my spiritual giants are the spiritual strength undergirding me in ministry, coupled with the mighty graces of God.
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