Money, Ministers and Ministry

Money, Ministers and Ministry
Well, seeing the title of this book, someone might ask, ‘another book on Money? Yes!’. I am writing this book due to the heavy burden and promptings of the Holy Spirit of God in my heart. On one hand, many pastors and Christian leaders have written and published books on finance, wealth creation, how to be a millionaire and material prosperity in the last few years. Some are even holding seminars on finance, money, investment and wealth creation on regular basis, both on the radio and television. However, majority of their teachings are lopsided and tended only to materialism, gain and profit, with the exception of very few of them.On the other hand, you find imbalance practices in the body of Christ. The holiness movement of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s went to the extreme by glorifying poverty, penury, poor dressing, deprivation of good things of life and demonizing little luxury and pleasure. By the time the prosperity messages came in the middle 80’s and 90’s, there were also extreme reactions to it. Prosperity became materialism in the sense that your worth is measured by your class, car, house, dressing and standard of living. Gradually, the Church imbibed the
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