Frank Talk To Men

Frank Talk To Men
In 2004, the Lord gave me the mandate of raising, connecting, coaching and empowering men to become real men. Prior to that time, I had little insight on the role of men in the church and society. Yes, I have written some books on the importance of the leader, yet I did not have a full grasp of the qualities of the man behind the ministry. The insights, revelations and illuminations that came to me as I study, research and examine the scriptures and the society concerning who a real man should be, led me to start MEN MATTERS MINISTRY, which holds Men Seminars on quarterly basis, and God has used it to transform many mere men to be the real men that can be used by God to transform the society for good.The times we live in call for real men. We need more clear-thinking, disciplined, hard-working, straight-talking, spiritually mature and godly men that can lead the society to the right paths.
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