It’s good to share lessonsAn African proverb says, ‘when a child falls, he looks forward; but when an adult falls, he looks backward to see what caused it.’ It is in the light of this wise saying that I’m writing this book. I feel this is the best way to celebrate my 20 years ministerial journey – to share what I’ve learnt with others, thereby pointing out pitfalls, warning the careless and encouraging the faltering.I believe that whatever you have done for 20 years, you have somehow become an authority there. Well, some will say that 20 years is too short a time to share these kinds of lessons, but they should realize that many have fallen by the wayside too within these years!It is unfortunate that many experienced and godly ministers who have walked with the Lord and do His work for many years always fail to share their experiences with younger leaders. Many of them carry such valuable lessons to the grave! There is no record of their ministry, experience with t
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